Vox Pop Closing

As I have been away and really kind of off the grid, I have been out of the loop for a week or so. While I was driving through the incredibly picturesque scenery of Iceland, things have been transpiring at home.

Vox Pop will be closing its doors forever.

As per my brief message to Debi this morning that it could be that one door closes, another opens, it is still sad news that the main reason I felt immediately at home in this neighborhood when I moved in 4 years ago, is now gone.

I will be posting at least 2 more times on this blog, and then along with Vox Pop, the Vox Pop Literati experiment will end, and lie here for internet eternity as a memorial to a great space where I got to interact with great people.

Being in Europe just now, and typing on a hotel computer, I have to keep this post brief. But I do intend to have a more fitting goodbye to the social spot that was a bit more then coffee and salad. I do not intend to be sentimental, or maudalin in my post. Just a straight out thanks for what was, and what could be.

When we were in Reyjavik, Iceland, we found a cool coffee spot, which my son Noah proclaimed as OUR VOX POP IN ICELAND! So I intend to write a short piece about them as well with pictures.

We hope to find a neighborhood social forum soon. Hopefully, something new will arise from the ashes. I will leave off here as it is difficult to write fluently on a European keyboard. I will say goodbye for now.

Ciao.and regards,
Bruce Zeines


About bzeines

I am an artist, musician and founding parent at Brooklyn Free School in Clinton Hill. The Free School Apparent was originally started in 2009 to focus on Free School philosophy as a venue for parents to voice doubt or accolades on free school philosophy and conversations about education in general. It also ventures into the territory of how industrialized education has impacted our lives, and the possible steps we may take to obtain control.
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