Young Man Draws America By Bike

Well, because I was not paying attention, I did not read this post. As I am looking at this now, I see he has only five days left to donate to his cause. His goal is $1000, but I think he will need a whole lot more to underwrite this trip, so if you have stuff in your pockets, fork it over.

Hi Vox Poppers!
My name is Eric, I live over on Westminster. I’m a big fan of Vox Pop and thought you guys might like this project I’m doing. This September, I’m riding by bike across America for a year. I’m going to be meeting people, collecting stories of the recession and drawing the entire adventure.

I want to make a book/compilation of portraits of what America(na) is like right now. I started a blog/fb page here>>

I’m only accepting money from individuals and small businesses, and non-profits. No corporate sponsors wanted. So I can use all the support I can get. If you send me $5, I’ll mail you a hand-drawn postcard from the road! Or, if you know someone along the way who will let me camp in their yard and has an interesting story, I’ll draw their picture!

You can find out more about supporting my trip at this kickstarter page >>

I’d love it if you guys could make a post/link me on your site, I’d love to keep my Ditmas Park family up to date!

Yours truly,
Eric Clausen


About bzeines

I am an artist, musician and founding parent at Brooklyn Free School in Clinton Hill. The Free School Apparent was originally started in 2009 to focus on Free School philosophy as a venue for parents to voice doubt or accolades on free school philosophy and conversations about education in general. It also ventures into the territory of how industrialized education has impacted our lives, and the possible steps we may take to obtain control.
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