It has been a month since I last posted here. I am doing so now, because Ditmas Park blog listed me as “prolific.” Also, the weather has cooled enough for my brain juices to begin flowing in the right direction. Which direction that is, I am not telling you.

The truth is, for as long as I can remember, summer has never been very productive for me. Being born in this weather has not made it any easier. This summer has been particularly brutal. The prospect of sitting outside Vox Pop in the 90ºF sun, with 500% humidity, is not very appealing.

I have a list of people who are scheduled to meet with me, but my schedule just will not allow it right now, so for those anxious to see the next “literati” profile, I must apologize, but you will have to wait. Wait for those cool Canadian breezes to blow in. Wait for those squawking geese to fly overhead (oops, I forgot, they exterminated them!) Wait for the vernal equinox to tease us with the promise of early darkness and cooler weather.

Also, I am heading out. I have had a summer of heading out. The worst economy of my lifetime, and I was sipping Coronas in front of a lake in the Adirondacks. Next week, I go off grid, for a week of reflection and meditation. After that, we are flying to Iceland and then Copenhagen. Somehow an open spirit welcomes the new.

So the next post you will see from me here will be in late September. The creative life is demanding. As an artist, musician and now a writer, it is hard to balance all of this output. There are new events coming. Hopefully, when we return, so will the lights in Vox Pop.

Keep the faith.


About bzeines

I am an artist, musician and founding parent at Brooklyn Free School in Clinton Hill. The Free School Apparent was originally started in 2009 to focus on Free School philosophy as a venue for parents to voice doubt or accolades on free school philosophy and conversations about education in general. It also ventures into the territory of how industrialized education has impacted our lives, and the possible steps we may take to obtain control.
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