Blackjack Instruction At Vox

John Weber took some time to teach the boys about Blackjack. Card games are a great introduction to learning math. No gambling allowed.


About bzeines

I am an artist, musician and founding parent at Brooklyn Free School in Clinton Hill. The Free School Apparent was originally started in 2009 to focus on Free School philosophy as a venue for parents to voice doubt or accolades on free school philosophy and conversations about education in general. It also ventures into the territory of how industrialized education has impacted our lives, and the possible steps we may take to obtain control.
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1 Response to Blackjack Instruction At Vox

  1. John Webber says:

    The kids all had some fun playing cards, and yes math skills develop here in a game. Learning happens al over, all the time. It was a joy to watch the children count and play. One of the unexpected pleasurable rewards at Vox Pop. You never know what will happen when you stop by.

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